After the birth of my second child I felt I needed to make a positive change for the future for myself and my family. I had been working at the Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown, PA when Dr. Rebecca Parker, the dentist at the nursing home, offered me a position working for her as a dental assistant. I gladly accepted and thought what a great opportunity this would be for me.

I was already thinking about going back to school to become a dental hygienist and thought this would help me to make my decision. It didn't take long and I realized that I love teeth!

I started taking classes at the Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster to ease my way back into the routine of school. My clinical rotation was completed at the main campus in Harrisburg, which was a two-year full-time commitment.

It was a long road juggling a family, job, and school. I even had to quit working for two years just to maintain my grades and to keep up with my academic load. It took five years to complete all of my education and obtain my Pennsylvania State License, but it was worth it.

I started working for Dr. Parker again in October 2007 as a part-time hygienist. It's nice to be working for her once again and I look forward to seeing her practice grow.

I still love teeth and now I have a career that I am proud of. It has been my hope during my recent college experience that my children only remember the positive times and that it is an inspiration for them.

Rebecca Parker D.M.D. Staff

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